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This WebQuest was designed to help students gain an understanding of the structures of art.  After learning of the structures of art, students will then be able to create their own work of art using these structures.  It is good to note that although these structures may be found in art, they can also be found in everything that we do.  It is good to start pointing these structures out in the classroom, to help students relate what they learn in this WebQuest to their everyday lives.  By realizing that these structures exist everywhere, students will be able to find art inspiration during many aspects of their day.

During the Assignment

Before beginning the WebQuest, students should have a basic understanding of the process and techniques needed to make a work of art, along with handling art materials in a safe and responsible manner.  During the assignment, students will need to be divided into groups of three.  Students should then choose their leader, seeker, and scribe.  It is up to you as the teacher how you feel the students should be divided.  During objective #1, students will need to be supplied with paint brushes, paper, and the paint colors red, yellow, and blue.

After students have completed the objectives and have discussed in their groups the reason for convicting a certain suspect, the class should then get together for discussion as a whole.  Inform your students that the group leader will explain to the class why they convicted the suspect they did, and that the seeker and scribe should be taking notes of what explanations the other groups give.  After each group has explained their reasoning, it is important to make sure all the students understand which suspect was guilty and why.  Use the clues to explain why certain suspects were eliminated, and that in the end suspect #5 was guilty.  It is important that students understand these concepts before moving on to the conclusion.

Once all students have a clear understanding of the structures of art, they will then create their own painting (description in the conclusion section).  They must first explain what it is they want to include in their painting by answering the questions in the conclusion section of the WebQuest.  It is important that these questions are answered because this is what the students are graded on and what the rubric is based off of.  This is the student’s final project to prove that they understand these basic structures of art.  For this project, students will need to be supplied with paint brushes, water, paints, and a canvas.  Students may want to make thumbnails or sketches before beginning their project to help them get ideas flowing.  You may also let students find objects they want to paint or inform them that they may want to take a picture of something they would like to use for this project.  Students will then be prepared to work on this project for a day in the near future

About the Students

This WebQuest was made for a sixth grade class involving visual arts, and meets Standard 1 Objective 2, and Standard 2 Objective 1 for the Utah Sate Core Curriculum.

Websites Used


Color website

Elements website

Styles of Art website

Major Types of Paintings web site

Games Gallery website

KWL Chart

Color Evidence

Elements Evidence

Types of Painting Evidence

#1 suspect

#2 suspect

#3 suspect

#4 suspect

#5 suspect

#6 suspect


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